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53, male, Married

Chesira, Kenya

I am 46 year old working in Logistics & Shipping based in Mombasa Kenya. I am married but looking hope you will understand me i dont want to hide.I am looking for an open relatioship with singles of age 35 and above.

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30, male, Single

Chak Mehmood, Pakistan

I like to search and learn all new interesting things, this sometimes takes long and I might not be successful but I feel it's worth it, at least I got experiences which make me feel stronger. I feel better than just doing nothing or not trying. I am a kind person that is always in a good mood and positive-minded, a dreamer, romantic, tender and cheerful. I am not a shy person, out there to do things, active and assertive. I like to have my own space some time but I am also easy to adapt and always know how to be happy. I also socialize, talkative, fun and caring. I like to talk with friends and people to exchange experience or any interested things. For me its always something there to search and learn. If I have a boyfriend, I will have a lot of love and care for him but not fussy or into his business. I am not jealous person either. I am easy going and not too sensitive or touchy one. For the one I love, I will do my best. Sometimes with two people who love each! other, you don't need to say much just need to be there for each other. I believe in the spirit and energy that humans cannot see too. I am really enjoying and having fun with work. Work challenges me. My top dream is to have my own business and be successful. Marry the one I love, have lovely kids and have lovely and successful family. Family that looks after each other, love and care for each other.

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55, male, Single

Raleigh, United States

I am very passionate about life, and love to be around positive people. I am very kindhearted, compassionate and loving. I like listening to music, blues, rock, country, classical, I have many interests, including art, writing. I love to work out at the gym three days a week. I like to the outdoors, and activities out in the sun. few days i make at the gym , i am active and good person . I just love life and love to do a lot of things, i am open minded but very honest, no drugs, like to go to the beach,hang out with friends, live life to the fullest and have good clean fun.Thats me! I'm a man with a unique sense of humor. I love to laugh and I really believe that laughter is the key to feeling good being young and a smile is the most beautiful thing on a person face. I think I am romantic, affectionate, reliable, sincere, open, resourceful, eager, witty, warm. For my long-term relation I could be charming and friendly, funny and serious. If we feel that our hearts beet together we will do anything that we dream about.

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33, male, Single

Tacoma, United States

I really like the outdoors and LOVE backpacking! I am really goal driven. I like to joke around and have fun. Traveling and seeing new sites are a high passion of mine. I enjoy trying new things and meeting all kinds of people. Hikes that I really enjoy are ones that somewhat difficult with high reward.

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40, male, It's Complicated

Bendungan Hilir, Indonesia

hi for futher information we can chat in a good listener and talk active a new Friends specially girl Friends.Right now i want to make changes in my life including meetup with you and we'll see

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