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Bomoseen, United States

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Mattoon, United States

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Olginskoe, Russian Federation

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Raleigh, United States

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43, female, Single

Raleigh, United States

The man of my dreams. At these words, my heart stops beating and my imagination starts playing out. I half-close my eyes for a moment and the subconscious immediately shows such beautiful pictures of happiness. Our first meeting in a small cafe where the quiet jazz is played, soft touches of hands and I think I choke with happiness. Unhurried conversation over a glass of wine. I am embarrassed as a child until he looks at me with a half smile like a rare work of art. No, he is not very handsome, but he does have something from Al Pacino in his best years, and this stunning tone of voice from which I open like a flower under the first rays of the sun. He is so clever that I am fully aware of my own imperfection. But he is not bothered by my ignorance, because he knows I'll be better, the best-just to be with him!

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44, female, Single

Uitgeest, Netherlands

Rustig, met een glimlach, easy going leven en liefdevol leven met veel liefde te delen. Ik wil met mijn metgezel, maar de droom is niet doorkomen. Mijn leven is zo simpel dat ik overal en in alle omstandigheden in de wereld kunnen leven. Ik wil liefde en willen bemind te worden. Ik heb genomen voor een ritje in het verleden, maar ik heb kunnen leven voorbij en al vergeten, maar wil mijn lieve leven dat ik zo veel verlangen nu leven geweest. Ik wil een goed leven.

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28, male, Single

Khirbat al Jahm, Sudan

I love simple things in life and simple amazing people who are like the same thing a black African girl will be nice black hair and black eyes average that she willing to have establ relationships contry sudan city al ubaid or dalang or kartom

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45, female, Single

Den Helder, Netherlands

Ik ben blij en vrolijk meisje. Ik hou van het leven met al zijn uitdagingen en veranderingen

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57, male, Single

El Harrach, Algeria

hi hello iam al nurs honnest and fidely i like beautyful woman gentil and fidely for lovestory of mariage.

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