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31, female, Single

Santa Cruz, United States

Imagine being an extreme athlete and having it all come to an end in an instant. I was unable to do my job and existed on ice packs for months. My string of injuries began with an auto accident in my early 30s. I suffered a cervical herniated disc and rupture requiring surgery. I now have a double fusion and plate installed in my neck. I'm officially the bionic woman (lol). I don't set off airport alarms so that's kind of a bummer for all this hardware. Being a fit girl, I recovered fairly quickly from my first injury. Within 6-months I was back to somewhat active, but not fully resuming anything extreme. Moving forward to the 90s, I had to have colon surgery. This was very scary and again meant more time off to recover physically. It would take another book to write this story. Being healthy has allowed me to recover from surgeries quicker and resume somewhat normal activities. Year 2003 brought another auto accident and more neck injury. I was so frustrated at this point. People really need to stay off my rear end from now on. Early onset cervical dystonia or torticollis was diagnosed due to the trauma. My surgeon wrote down permanently disabled in my records. He said I required full reconstructive cervical surgery and put me off work. I was filled with feelings of fear, failure, loss, desperation, and humbled by this horrible thing I had no control over.I thought to myself: who was I, what can I do, what would I do? I was no longer the athlete I used to be all my life. This was hard to accept and many days I lost hope. I remember praying to God each night to please let me wake up and be better. It seemed to never happen. This became my time of soul-searching. I needed a whole new attitude about my physical condition. I was determined to get better, avoid surgery, utilize my knowledge to help myself, and I did. I began a course of self physical therapy starting with ice and rest. I needed that and more importantly finally accepted that.

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46, male, Single

Evansville, United States

76182I am communicative cheerful character. quiet. I have no vices. do not smoke do not drink. I'm not unfaithful. I'm not promiscuous.    I am healthy ... health athlete .. I always look today.    Live today .. trying to be happy .. be. cheerfully with the day that God gives me.   I seek. term relationship. definitively marriage. durable. romance, caring infinite love. communicative.   my colours- are clear. I have bad. humor. comprehensive   full. tenderness. full of pampering ... I put. always. to say I love you each daily. you are important. .te for my love ..   far. see .. can bind our- lives. be always left   hope ... and encouragement. will stay together. makes life   infinitely more full of surprises. to overcome. together. mutual communication giving the two together...

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42, female, Single

San Luis, United States

I sincerely hope that our communication will grow to something more, something we have never experienced before. I want so much to find a man with whom I feel myself really happy. If I could not find him here in Ukraine, I would gladly move to another country to live with my man. Dear, I am here on this site to find my soul mate, my beloved. I have not found him in my country so I hope to find him abroad. I have thought a lot about moving to another country, because I understand that I want to live with my man in his country. To be honest, I like your country very much. It seems to me very beautiful and wonderful) also I understand that it will be very difficult for me, but I am sure that only with the help and support of my man I can do it. What can I say? I cannot wait that moment when we together see the world.

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29, male, Single

Neeses, United States

Armenian. Get to know a Yepremian or google my family and see how successful we've been. Mostly in stores or professional sports. I'm a free agent who has a pro American football agent and I'm a place kicker. I kick footballs not soccer. I also wrestle and train Mixed Martial Arts, most of my life. I'm an athlete who will only be friends, date, and marry Armenians from now on. It's Very important to keep the full blood Armenian in my family. I'm 100% Armenian and I'm proud of everyone who has done there best as an Armenian. I speak Armenian the Western type, I can write it and read still. I attended the Armenian Sisters Academy in Radnor,Pennsylvania and learned about my culture and now I understand how the importance plays in. Yes hye em, hye meug guzem, writing Armenian with the English alphabet is more of challenge lol we should get to know each other very well and see where God takes us?

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37, female, Single

Miami, United States

Am looking for a nice,kind ,loving and caring man on this site to have a nice chat to know more about each other and see what the future holds for us.

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