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Bomoseen, United States

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Okehampton, United Kingdom

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46, male, Single

Bethel, United States

Hello. My name is Desmond and I currently live and work in Houston TX at a local hospital. I am a man. I cry when I'm sad. I laugh when I'm happy, especially at myself. I am kind, respectful, and honest. I'm flexible in my beliefs but rigid in my principles. I don't mind standing up for those who can't stand up for themselves. But I choose to do it through my own lifestyle rather than preaching that lifestyle to others.I'm active, athletic and very healthy. I enjoy trail running, cycling, hiking, kayaking, and reading, I ran my first Athlon this summer. I was a natural body builder for over 10 years then moved towards fitness and endurance training. I have never really been into typical male things like football, basketball, baseball, NASCAR, drinking and fighting. I would rather go for a bike ride, read a book, talk, or go see a movie.

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33, female, Single

Richmond, Canada

Decided to give this site a try and see what's out there. I'm honestly such a laid back person. I like to have fun and really like to get to know new people. :) I'm in my third year of Criminology, I work two jobs and fitness is an important part of my life. I love to travel, read and being my own tourist in B.C. Anything else you'd like to know? Just ask :)

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58, female, Divorced

Ursk, Russian Federation

I am active, energetic. I like travelling, reading, cooking. And I adore foreign languages. I like dreaming. Some of my dreaams are connected with the north, such as to see Aurora Borealis in reality not in pics, to visit Santa"s village, to go fishing in clear northern rivers. I hate hot weather. I feel much more comfy when it is snowing. Sun and frost - this is what I would like to have the majority of a year. I am extreamley captivated with fitness and healthy body. Recently I started taking up yoga. I think it interesting.I am a teacher. I like being with children very much, especially primery school children. If I had to choose a profession once more, I would choose to be a teacher.

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39, female, Single

Biggs, United States

It is not easy to tell about myself in a few words, but I will try to do it. I am kind, honest and open person, who likes meeting with people and enjoying every moment of communication! I am conflict free and do not like to argue with people. I prefer to think that anything is possible to solve just by talking to each other. When you look at me do you think that I am feminine and sensual? Yes, I am (smile) Romantic, faithful and devoted. I am a woman of a one man. I look really calm from outside, but inside lives the ocean of feelings. And I just need my only man to make him happy! I think that it is important to do everything with a big pleasure.So, you will have the best results.I like swimming, jogging, attending fitness classes and yoga! Another thing which pleases me a lot is cooking and good music can make it much more fun. One more passion is traveling and visiting new places, because it is a good chance to fill life with positive and being involved in something great

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37, male, Divorced

Camlibel, Turkey

I am a man who understand the way of life. One thing with me is that I love reading and love sharing ideasI like to spend my leisure time outdoors, making picnics, camping, walking along the seashore and all pleasantries of this kind. I also enjoy movies and theater. I'm fond of music, painting, reading books, playing sports like fitness and karate, dancing, traveling . In all I mighty not good enough but your advice can change my short comings.

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