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Brunete, Spain

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Bomoseen, United States

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Abbott, Texas, Hill, United States

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Seattle, United States

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43, male, Single

Mapleton, United States

I am doing my best to dream and afford it. That can be tough when you are trying to support a finicky cat, single handedly support a movie production, and comprise an exit strategy to get out of Peoria, Illinois.Peoria is not what it use to be, but I still love my hometown. It's just my hours working at the hotel do not let me enjoy the remains of a great bar scene. If you have friends to endure the lack of culture, I can see why the well off adore the town. Too bad I have out grown the culture and cannot relate to any of my friends unless I am not paying to pour me a drink.Somehow, having no tolerance for people trashing others just to make conversation and people who display insensitivity has made me the reason I will not find anyone to share my life with. I have been told by my family that a significant other or just some pals to spend an evening at heckling under-performing athletes or riffing a bad movie is something I can never capture.It is up to fate to just deliver that to me while people who do not care about how others fair as long as they get what they want (and rub it in) are rewarded. What hurts the most is that on a planet of seven billion, I am told to accept the opinion of 4% of them when it comes to what my value truly is. That equates my existence to the sign in a restroom that states, "all employees must wash their hands." It is good that I am there, but that is about all the though I get.I am honest cynic who is always focused on being the best person I can be. If that is not worthwhile enough, I am a: Great trivia team memberCubs fanPro-wrestling enthusiast (and underemployed performer)CinephileVintage video game collectorAnglophile whose favorite football club is Newcastle United.If these qualities help me make some friends, I am a winner. Anything more than that, and I might believe the concept of hope.

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36, male, Single

Jones Creek, United States

i am a loving and caring person love to learn new things and love to have fun.

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49, male, Single

Musaale-Magala, Uganda

A God fearing man,loving and carering,down to earth and ready to meeet my missing lover

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38, female, Single

Raleigh, United States

am looking for honest,kind man that will never let me down and never tru to lie to me if you honets text (480) 648-9573am looking for honest,kind man that will never let me down and never tru to lie to me if you honets text (480) 648-9573

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52, male, Divorced

Shelbyville, United States

i am a nice, caring, loving and understanding man who knows what life is all about and love to be with good people all the time.

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Bear Creek Township, United States


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