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24, female, It's Complicated

Genoa, United States

Honestly, I'm making this because I'm struggling through a little bit in terms of emotional stress and being able to handle life. I want to be able to talk to someone and see how it goes from there that can sort of have an idea of some of the things I have to deal with which makes life a little more difficult than most. I have many artistic hobbies like digital drawing, traditional art, art and film appreciation, cultural appreciation, language learning, going to museums, galleries, gardens, downtown shopping, antique shopping, and sight seeing in general. Put me in a random plaza in the middle of town and I'll make it fun to hang out. I wish I could do this more but there's been a bit of stress going on in my life and a lot of sensation of not being good enough. I wish I was more of a gamer but lost passion and the overall fun in it. I love watching shows, especially cooking shows and I'm really attached to food and cooking in different ways. I run a highly literate and creative fantasy roleplay group with its own website and wonderful support group of friends in it. I'm going though some trouble but I want to get back into the fun and enjoyable aspect of life. I hope you can be the one to help me out with that.

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29, male, Single

Panipat, India

Im honest and down to earth. I am studying and doing job both. I have no further experience about such type of dating website so, i dont know what to write more. Talk to me and i will tell you everything. :)

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50, female, Divorced

Arcadia, United States

Well, I've never been on a dating website that is catered to only uniformed personal so here it goes... I am in general a quiet person until I get to know you. I'm more a stand back, look and listen type of a person. If I'm able to feel comfortable around you then will see the real me. I love to go for walks... I literally could walk everywhere and if I lived in a warmer state I probably would. I love to travel and when I do I like to travel for the architecture and the history of the destination... Will add and finish later...

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48, male, Single

Oxford, United Kingdom

Greetings!. Im freelance artist/graphic designer that is living somewhere in bohemia. Most of my time at the moment is spent working on an alternative culture magazine style website so im pretty much on the computer all day at the present time, although i do plan on getting back into painting and drawing as soon as i find a suitable muse to inspire me to get off my backside and do some non computer generated art. I am obviously passionate about art and design, cult films and alternate music, and i also like to play a bit of tennis to keep the sloth demons at bay. It would be nice to meet someone who is creative too, although it's not essential, as long as you dont mind me making a bit of a mess occasionally. Im actually in the process of organising a group of creative aficionado's together to work on writing for the website, so if your into art, music or film then perhaps you might want to write something sometime?, as long as it's alternative and not mainstream. My favourite food is Italian, although to be fair ill eat most things (apart from baked beans), and i do enjoy pigging out in front of a good movie, my current food of choice is nachos, cheese, jalapeno's et al.

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31, female, Single

Hrybovakha, Ukraine

Hi there...I just created a page here so not sure what this website is all about. let me see....

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