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63, male, Divorced

Kyawhla, Kuwait

I’ve had some fantastic career experiences that have given me great respect for world cultures and a strong work ethic. I am a very determined person and confident in reaching my goals. I have always been motivated to help others, All I need to feel content in life is to know that I’m making a difference to the fullest extent of my ability. I also do plenty for myself between world travel, fitness and plenty of other things. Everything is pretty balanced in my life right now. I may live with great purpose, but I’m actually very introverted, so my close relationships are especially sacred to me. When I love someone I dote all my kindness and affection onto that relationship, and I have never regretted being that way. I ask for respect and I give it in abundance because I'm entirely non-judgmental. I would rather focus my energy on being a good influence and making people feel appreciated. Open communication means everything! The most important thing right off the bat is that my match and I have plenty in common, including a shared desire to see the world. If you’re established in your career and personal life, then that’s a great catalyst for branching out and dabbling in some spontaneous experiences. I’m most attracted to someone who is caring, good in communication, and completely kind to everyone he crosses paths with.

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58, male, Divorced

Twin Falls, United States

We all have a story to tell of our lives, including who we are, what we like, and what makes us happy…that is what makes us unique and interesting. Although the online profile highlights key qualities about me, I feel that a little more description is important. I am not looking for someone with 100% overlap of interests; in fact, we are all different, and I feel this difference can complement those with which we share our lives. Sure, there should be more overlap than not (especially in core values), but what makes us interesting are the differences that we share. I don’t want someone who is just like me…I want someone I can learn from and who can share with me new areas in life to explore.I am relatively new to South FL, moving from North Carolina due to my job. I received my doctoral degree from the University of Miami in the early 90s, and since then lived in OH, central FL, NC, and CA, before returning to South FL. It feels like I have come full circle, reconnecting with old friends in Miami and exploring a city that I knew long ago. Even through my travels, I have always called South FL my home…it is where my heart is (and all my sports teams).I keep a very healthy and active, although balanced, lifestyle. I have been a competitive rower since college. Rowing has been a source of both fitness and well as friendship over the years. In addition, I enjoy taking long walks daily as well as playing most sports, including golf, when time allows. Often, I hear that I do not look my age—or rather, that I look like I did 20yrs ago! My photos are recent, but really only capture what I look like; I have an easy-going, fun spirit that is hard to capture in a photo. Socially, I would describe myself as neither very outgoing nor shy; I am more comfortable in smaller group settings than in large parties. I love to have fun, socialize, try new things, dance, watch sports, stay in or go out. I am kind, loving, secure, thoughtful, and smart.

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46, male, Single

Bethel, United States

Hello. My name is Desmond and I currently live and work in Houston TX at a local hospital. I am a man. I cry when I'm sad. I laugh when I'm happy, especially at myself. I am kind, respectful, and honest. I'm flexible in my beliefs but rigid in my principles. I don't mind standing up for those who can't stand up for themselves. But I choose to do it through my own lifestyle rather than preaching that lifestyle to others.I'm active, athletic and very healthy. I enjoy trail running, cycling, hiking, kayaking, and reading, I ran my first Athlon this summer. I was a natural body builder for over 10 years then moved towards fitness and endurance training. I have never really been into typical male things like football, basketball, baseball, NASCAR, drinking and fighting. I would rather go for a bike ride, read a book, talk, or go see a movie.

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34, female, Single

Alamosa, United States

To tell many good words about yourself is not very modest and I don't like doing it because people see us from another angel but I can say that I am charming, have a good sense of humor. I am really energetic and enthusiastic. I like getting new experience, meeting new people. My friends say that I am tolerant, reasonable, sociable and easy-going. I really gentle , caring and passionate when I fall in love. My ambition is to create a strong happy family building up on mutual understanding, love and happy.i have alot of hobbies ! I like to know life in all its colors. I enjoy variety of activities - reading books, meeting with friends, walks, horseriding, fitness and photos . I would like to travel very much. It is very interesting to get more knowledge about the new countries, new people and traditions.I'm romantic woman that's why I would like to meet such person but Love is most important We can be completely different people but if we love each other we will be happy together. Should be based on trust, faithfulness, loyalty. Accepting each other's strong and weak sides, honesty and mutual respect. I want my special man to be a strong personality. I want to feel protected and needed when I am with him.

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31, male, Single

Brampton, Canada

I am fitness competitor and work for the Canadian armed forces; currently in process of being hired on for corrections. I am a very loving person and I don't believe in hook ups. I'm very artsy and nerdy. I'm a poet and a artist. I don't believe in "dating" on the first day! It's a get together learn to see if you guys want to continue dating or be friends. Then I will treat you like a princess. It's not special if I treat every girl I'm hanging with the same.

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