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81, male, Widowed

Hamilton, United States

I'm a retired race car driver,used to race jet powered dragsters in the eastern ,US Canada and Puerto Rico,was in a wreck in Canada in 2000 lost my right arm along with several other injuries .My car held the 1/4 mile speed record till 2001.I have been told that i don't look over 60 and look like Paul Newman,i never thought so myself but that's not a issue.I live on 100 acres in Springfield,NY love it here from May to October but rather be in warm climate in winter.Don't smoke,don't drink or do the hochie co.If you aren't a Christian lets not waste each others time.Thanks Lou

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32, male, Single

Suffolk, United States

I like soccer and track. I like to travel and take photos. Been to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Macau and Guatemala. My next trip is to Russia for the world Cup let's meet and maybe travel together.

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25, male, Single

Columbus, United States

Well now that I have your attention. I'm a Hispanic mix between Puerto Rican, Salvadorian and Italian. I'm really cool and energetic, but also struggle with depression and anxiety. Kinda just trying this out see how it works. Message me! I need people to talk to!(:

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30, female, Single

Retsof, United States

My name is complicated so call me Jules. I'm Puerto Rican I have a glamorous job (heavy sarcasm) as a nursing assistant, I work in different nursing homes around new Hampshire. I love my job, I also really enjoy working with the elderly, I find it very rewarding. I work alot of hours but when in not at work; I enjoy reading, writing, cooking, baking, going for walks, spending time with friends, I love love love karaoke, I visit my abuela (grandmother) she is very important to me. I sit through terrible soap operas with her haha and i enjoy shopping xxOther things to know about me, I'm opinionated, compassionate, funny (I laugh at my own jokes), and im very sarcastic.And if my short hair is a deal breaker for you, I'm glad I didn't waste my time, it's hair, it grows x

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64, male, Divorced

Wilkinsburg, United States

I am a very simple laid back guy, I like romantic evenings, I love romance, I like to give my significant other gifts, and flowers, and cards. I pretty much like to do anything. I like to walk, take long drives, go to dinner, go to a movie, walk in the park, go to the ocean, stay in bed all day, sometimes just like to stay home and relax. It is the simple things to me that matter the most. I do not get upset or angry very often, It is just not in my nature to do that. I love playing with my dogs and I am a huge dog lover and I have had dogs since I was a kid. I love music and playing drums. I also play guitar and sing. I do not think there would ever be anything that I would not want to do that you asked me. It is all about who you are doing it with not what you are doing. I like to travel I have been to Bermuda twice, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Eastern and Western Caribbean, St Thomas, St John, Caymen Islands and California, Florida, and Chicago. I like to take vacations on Cruise Ships, I have been on ten cruises. Going on vacation with someone you care about is awesome, you can have so much fun and romance.. I like to play in my band and have fun. We only play like two times a month and it is a hobby and all for fun. Well I hope this gives you a better idea of who I am.

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