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West Valley City, United States

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Aarsta, Stockholms lan, Stockholm, Sweden

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London, United Kingdom

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Heathrow, United Kingdom

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Melbourne, Australia

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New City, New York, Rockland, United States

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Montpelier, United States

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48, male, Single

Malmo, Sweden

Smart and welleducated engineer that loves martial arts seeks pretty, submissive and smart woman

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26, male, Single

Langenargen, Germany

I'm libertarian. I love to have fun and try to enjoy my life.As a usual I'm discreet by not shooting the breeze. So quite a few will argue, that I'm dismissive and withdrawn.But if you take me serious, I'll be able to make conversation and you'll have a great time with me.Don't be superficial, cos the hatred in our hearts makes us lonely.I'm rational, sometimes impulsive. I like martial arts, cars, and extreme sports. I also like it to hang out with friends; Actually.

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29, male, Single

Neeses, United States

Armenian. Get to know a Yepremian or google my family and see how successful we've been. Mostly in stores or professional sports. I'm a free agent who has a pro American football agent and I'm a place kicker. I kick footballs not soccer. I also wrestle and train Mixed Martial Arts, most of my life. I'm an athlete who will only be friends, date, and marry Armenians from now on. It's Very important to keep the full blood Armenian in my family. I'm 100% Armenian and I'm proud of everyone who has done there best as an Armenian. I speak Armenian the Western type, I can write it and read still. I attended the Armenian Sisters Academy in Radnor,Pennsylvania and learned about my culture and now I understand how the importance plays in. Yes hye em, hye meug guzem, writing Armenian with the English alphabet is more of challenge lol we should get to know each other very well and see where God takes us?

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24, male, Single

Bedford, United Kingdom

My friends consider me humourous and witty. Trying to learn another language, especially Japanese. I am also trying to learn Kendo, a japanese martial art so that I can implement the concept into fencing

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28, male, Single

Thull Fort, Philippines

hi im dave kristian cairas 21 yrs old,im a emergency medical technician and im a volunteer of philippine redcross,,im a martial artist instructor of pencak silat,and im a simple man sweet kind and caring....

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Helsingby, Lansi-Suomen laani, Pohjanmaa, Finland

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West Danville, United States

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Maclear, South Africa

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Winnipeg, Canada

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Stapleton, United States

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Atlantis, Western Cape, City of Cape Town (CPT), South Africa

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Blanca, United States

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Huai Sai, Thailand

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Mt Roskill, New Zealand

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