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46, male, Single

Bethel, United States

Hello. My name is Desmond and I currently live and work in Houston TX at a local hospital. I am a man. I cry when I'm sad. I laugh when I'm happy, especially at myself. I am kind, respectful, and honest. I'm flexible in my beliefs but rigid in my principles. I don't mind standing up for those who can't stand up for themselves. But I choose to do it through my own lifestyle rather than preaching that lifestyle to others.I'm active, athletic and very healthy. I enjoy trail running, cycling, hiking, kayaking, and reading, I ran my first Athlon this summer. I was a natural body builder for over 10 years then moved towards fitness and endurance training. I have never really been into typical male things like football, basketball, baseball, NASCAR, drinking and fighting. I would rather go for a bike ride, read a book, talk, or go see a movie.

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54, male, Divorced

Roma, Italy

I'm new to this site & looking at a few of the other action-packed profiles I'm not sure if I'm worthy! I like to lead an active lifestyle, mainly cycling and walking, but I'm not a fitness fanatic - there are lots of other things I enjoy doing like going to gigs, the cinema & the theatre, playing an instrument, doing crosswords or just chilling out with a book or the paper.If you'd like to find out more it would be good to hear from you.

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36, male, Single

Upton St Leonards, United Kingdom

I am an all round performer, so acting, singing, dancing, fire breathing, stilt walking, modelling, presenting etc etc kinda person, and I enjoy randomness and variety in my life. I work mainly in environments where there is a lot of interaction as I love conversation and as a very kinetic person I enjoy doing things. My main area of work is pantomime and children's theatre. There is something magical about the world's that are created with this kind of work, and the fact the audience have probably been looking forward to this for the last few months, and it's your job to not dial it home, but to be an active participant in what could be an in pirating moment for a young person.I'm like quite a few performers in the way that when I was younger I was an introvert, who found performing as a release and a way to build confidence, so I can go from being life and soul of the party, to then being quite quiet. This is a good thing, because who wants someone who is one dimensional in their life?I enjoy the theatre, obviously, but also fitness and food. Bit of an oximoron, I know, but i'm lucky enough that if I need to be in shape for a role I can get there, but I won't change my diet drastically to achieve it. It also means I don't spend all my free time in the gym, I have time to invest in someone :-) I also enjoying gaming and watching movies, and of course find a second home on the Internet finding videos on YouTube. Mentions for college humor, John oliver and dorkly. I also go through boxsets in my free time, currently doing battlestar gallatica, off the back of archer, West Wing, scrubs, prisionbreak, 24, game of thrones, star trek, muppets etc. I think it'll be Broadwalk empire or sopranos next, not sure still have two seasons to go :-)I'm also active within the union, Equity. I'd say I'm politically minded, with everything going on at the moment, and spend a bit of time going back and forth to London, along with attending meetings in the south west.

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40, female, Single

Chicago, United States

Silly outgoing interesting gal, plays the drums, learning guitar, fitness and organic freak, have a Rottie, lots of tattoos although most are hidden from eyesight. I love heavy metal music, mostly metalcore and old school thrash and metal. Business owner, homeowner, hoping to have a fella to compliment my life, not complicate it ☺️

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44, male, Single

Mollem, Belgium

I am a sweet-looking man in this way, I would like to get to know a nice woman I love fitness swimming trips and concerts do I like to see children and animals I like a lot of humor

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